Six Weeks, Six Months Or
Six Years Post-Baby.
It’s Time To Glow



Rebuild and transform your body in just 8 weeks using a resistance band, dynamic bodyweight, stretching and mobility exercises and cardio HIIT style training.


Designed by Jen Dugard, Fitness Specialist for Moms, creator of Body Beyond Baby, author of How to Love your Body as much as your Baby and creator of accredited training program Safe Return to Exercise, Glow will get you lean, fit, strong and feeling better than ever before.


Whether you are six weeks, six months or six years’ post baby and regardless of your fitness level, Glow gives you a variety of modifications to tailor your daily workouts to suit you. Whatever stage you’re at, you will access challenging workouts that will transform you from the inside out.



Here’s what you get:

  • Unlimited access to stream daily Glow workout videos
  • Learn how to activate your pelvic floor
  • Learn whether you have abdominal separation
  • Learn how to switch on your transversus abdominis to get the most out of your training
  • Glow nutrition guide and meal plan
  • Daily support from Jen Dugard
  • Access to health experts, dieticians and fellow Glow members to help you stay informed, educated and motivated

Equipment needed:

    • Resistance band

Pick up a set in any good sport store or available to buy in the VARLAH shop after you purchase Glow

Meet the Trainer

Jen Dugard is a Fitness Specialist for Moms, founder of Body Beyond Baby and Tough Moms, author of the acclaimed book How to Love your Body as much as your Baby and postnatal DVD Rebuild from the Inside Out. She is also creator of the accredited training program Safe Return to Exercise.
Having achieved her best body after the birth of her two children, she is challenging all moms to think big and go after their ultimate picture of health. Jen also pursues her physical fitness passion, as an elite obstacle racer, choosing to lead by example.
Jen’s areas of expertise include:

  • Pre and postnatal group exercise
  • Abdominal separation rehabilitation and core control
  • Postural and functional strength for moms
  • Body composition and shape change
  • Lifestyle change for the whole family
  • Safely taking moms to the next level of exercise and training

Shed unwanted body fat, increase your strength and get the body you’ve always wanted. Restore your GLOW in less than 60 days*

*Results may vary depending on how strictly you adhere to the training and nutrition guide

Rebuild from the Inside out with Jen’s Famous

Post Natal Training Methods and Education Systems.

Workout Anytime, Anywhere, From Any Device.

Completely transform yourself in the comfort of your own home using only a resistance band and your own bodyweight. No more nannies or babysitters.

No more expensive gyms, studios or hunting down training facilities with a crèche. No more personal trainers.


Using a mixture of rebuilding education and exercises, dynamic muscular programming, calorie crunching HIIT sessions and some unique active recovery stretch sessions, Glow is guaranteed to get your results, or your money back!

Renowned Fitness Specialist for Moms, Jen Dugard, will take you through your daily workouts in the privacy of your own home.

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*Resistance Band not included. Pick up a band in any good sport store or available to buy in the VARLAH shop after purchase.


GLOW by VARLAH with our education and training videos that will teach you how to activate your pelvicfloor and transversus abdominis to improve your workouts.

True Core Strength

Rebuild your body from the inside out.

Perfect Core & Posture

The perfect core requires the perfect workout, so we give it to you.

Inner & Outer Glow

Take charge of your body and build strength and confidence with our core and posture focused workout.

True Core Glow

This workout will teach you to activate and work your total core control.

Top to Toe

Get leaner and stronger with these upper and lower body focused workouts.

Total Body Glow

You don’t sweat, you glow, and with a tabata-style workout, you will find your inner warrior which have you glowing all session and work you hard to get some amazing results.

Double Trouble

Combining cardio with both resistance and conditioning, this workout will have you double your results in record time.

Outer Glow

Work through some challenging yet achievable exercise patterns that will make you fitter and stronger and have you glowing from the inside out!

Full Glow

Starting with your core and lower body, we work our way up to give you a complete body overhaul!

Extra Mile

For amazing results, you have to work harder than you thought possible, are you ready to go the extra mile?

Power Play

Back to back exercises are done with some conditioning training at the end of each block to give you the power to push on with your day!

Strong glow

Take this challenging workout if you’re looking to be the best version of you both inside and out.

Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist

“The GLOW by VARLAH program has been created from almost a decade of experience working both one on one and with groups of pregnant and postnatal women. These nutrition and training systems have been tried, tested and evolved to bring the very best of my face to face sessions, straight to you in the comfort of your own home or local park. Through following my program and taking the time to re-build from the inside out many of the women I work with end up stronger, fitter and feeling more fabulous than they have ever been and I know that you can do exactly the same.
I know that when you look and feel great you are a better YOU, mother, partner, and friend.”

Jen Dugard – moms fitness specialist

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