‘How one photo helped me lose 14kg’

Note: This article was first published on Body + Soul.

“I hadn’t noticed consciously that I avoided photos like the plague. My best friend uploaded a photo of us and it honestly brought me to tears.”

On a trip to the snow with work mates, 26-year-old marketing manager Kaila Carroso went through a seemingly innocuous – but confidence-shattering experience – many of us have dealt with… especially those of us who, at one point or another, haven’t felt comfortable in our skin.

“I hadn’t noticed consciously that I avoided photos like the plague. My best friend uploaded this photo of us (pictured in the FTW shirt) and it honestly brought me to tears,” she tells mybody+soul.

This was the turning point for Carroso, who had previously been living it up in a job filled with boozy events and delicious – albeit unhealthy – food. “It instantly changed my mentality and motivation for health.”

After trying various fad diets and fitness programs, Carroso was looking for something that could offer more long-term results. This is when she opted to try DICED by VARLAH, a six week at-home program, where you can stream your workouts from your living room and follow an expert-approved nutrition plan that compliments training and promises results.

“In the beginning I thought working out almost everyday and following a new eating plan would be hell. But then you see the results, you feel better, your mind becomes more positive and everything seems clearer.”

Kaila underwent the six week program, where dairy, gluten and alcohol are completely cut from the diet. She also did the 45 minute HIIT-style workouts each morning to up her fitness game.

“You begin to love not putting crap in your body but treating yourself when you deserve. You begin to get addicted to enduring the pain for 45 minutes every morning and then smashing out the rest of your day. That was a surprise to me.”

And, all of her hard work paid off. The results came quickly and she’s been able to maintain her weight loss.

“I lost around six and a half kilos and a further two and a half over the next three months, continuing with the training and nutrition guidelines. I’ve been able to keep at this same weight now for nearly a year,” she says.

Carroso has lost 14 kilograms in total since the snow photo was taken (just under 10 with DICED by VARLAH), bringing her down to 53.5 kilograms.

“I feel like I am on top of the world. Every aspect of my life has changed. I am so motivated and driven for everything life throws me. I have smashed some really big life and career goals. I’ve definitely never felt this comfortable with myself and just all round happy.”

Her main tip? Just give it a go.

“Just stick to it! You will not regret it,” she says. “It helps to be organised. Make weekly food lists, get creative. Do not just live off the basics or you will get bored and fold.”

And, when you feel you’re lacking motivation, don’t be afraid to reach out to the VARLAH community for support.

“If you ever feel crappy or hit a wall, someone is always there to pick you right up or give you new recipe tips to spice it up in the kitchen. We had so many shared laughs and tears together and I must thank the community for helping me get through it all.”

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