How Eugenie, a Varlah user, lost 7.6kg in 6 weeks

Note: This article was first published on Body + Soul.

Eugenie is a busy mum of two, and after months of going to the gym and seeing no results, in the end all it took was six weeks to reach her weight and health goals.

Eugenie Phillips, 35, is a mum of two energetic children who was frustrated just a few weeks ago, that there was nothing she thought she could do to shift her stubborn post-baby kilos.

She was already going to her local gym 6 days a week, but was not seeing the results of her efforts. “I was at the stage where I was working out 6 days a week, but nothing was working. My body just looked the same no matter what I did. I just felt destined to never change after having kids!”

That’s when when she came across at-home fitness and nutrition program DICED by VARLAH and decided to give her health and fitness regimen a make-over.

DICED was created by Luke Istomin (one of the co-founders of F45). It’s a six week program where you can stream 40 minute workouts from the comfort of your own home. The workouts all use bodyweight, so you won’t need to invest in a bunch of expensive home-gym gear. And, the program costs just $69.95.

“My fitness routine involved bodyweight HIIT training with some stretching and mobility training and lower intensity sessions, six days a week for six weeks,” Eugenie explains.

It wasn’t easy, but the best part for this busy mum was that she “could train from home and get results without any equipment. I just had to roll out of bed and turn on my TV and stream my workouts.”

Of course, as we all know, losing weight is not just about working out – nutrition plays a huge role, too. And for Eugenie, that meant no gluten, no dairy and no alcohol. Despite all of this, Eugenie found DICED by VARLAH’s prescriptive nutrition program easy to follow. She was full, satiated and felt good after every meal and snack.

“I’ve followed so many different fad diets and never found one that works as well as DICED. Plus, for the first time ever I am educated on what to eat and what my plate should look like.”

For Eugenie, the diet was so easy because of how extensive the foods are that you can eat. “I was never hungry, always had energy and got to eat 5 times a day, not the three meals a day we were always taught traditionally as kids.”

Despite her staggering weight loss, Eugenie has thrown out the scales now too, realising how much more important it is to feel great than get validation from a number.

Her advice?

“By week six the real transformation happened. I think the thing to be careful of is how much you reward yourself after completing the program (in terms of food).”

And, now at the start of another round of DICED, Eugenie says she would honestly recommend the program to everyone.

“Commit to this journey and you will be amazed at where it will take you. The training can be hard but it is so rewarding to see yourself improve.”

Try free for 14 days then only $4.99 USD a month for access to every program.