‘How I lost 5kg in 6 weeks from my lounge room’

Note: This article was first published on Body + Soul.

“I felt an immense progress in my fitness, endurance and strength.”

Even though she’s an athletic, professional kite surfer (what a gig, right?), Marine Sudre decided to take her fitness levels up a notch. She wanted to experiment with other forms of exercise to improve her strength, agility and speed; and fuel her body accordingly.

Sudre settled on the six week DICED by VARLAH transformation program, which is a workout streaming program including nutrition guides and online support from creator (and F45 founder), Luke Isotomin.

“Before starting out on the program, kiting and running were really the only exercise I did,” Sudre tells mybody+soul.

“I didn’t know anything about HIIT style training or the fact you could get such phenomenal results on a bodyweight-only program.”

The program boasts unlimited, 24/7 access to workouts that don’t require any gym equipment, offering serious flexibility for those who want to get fit but have a challenging schedule.

Sudre’s favourite thing about the program was that she could do the 40-minute workouts anywhere, at any time. “I didn’t have to book a class, travel to a gym, or miss a kiting session because it was too windy that day.”

Although the convenience was second to none, getting fit was no walk in the park, so to speak. “It was hard. It’s always hard to start a new diet and routine but the first week wasn’t impossible. I suddenly noticed that I could do the exercises faster, with more energy and get through more of the workouts.”

For the 27-year-old, reminding herself why she started, and that she only had 40 minutes to get through, were the biggest mental aids to her accomplishment.

“I started the six week challenge at 60 kilograms and by the end of the program I had lost 5 kilos and felt an immense progress in my fitness, endurance and strength. It was amazing to see my progression each week – especially as I could look back on my progress photos and was so motivated by the differences in each photo.”

When it comes to nutrition, Sudre admits that the DICED by VARLAH program is a bit of a commitment – cutting dairy, gluten, sugar and alcohol from the diet. But, she realised that she didn’t really need any of those things to feel great, all the time.

“I saw how I could enjoy healthy and simple non-processed foods and still be satisfied. It was so easy to follow and dispelled concerns I had previously over food restriction. I got to eat a lot.”

Getting fit is a mental battle as much as a physical one for Sudre, who credits the VARLAH program for her improved peace of mind.

“I have noticed that I have more energy and feel more motivated day to day. It’s also helped me mentally. I’ve felt less stressed and calmer. More at one with myself.”

That’s not to mention how proud she is now of how she looks. In a recent trip to New Caledonia for a kite surfing comp, Sudre felt immensely confident – a side effect of a lifestyle overhaul.

“I don’t think I’ve felt better with my body and myself since the World Tour in 2008. It was a totally amazing sensation of relaxation and comfort which I had for the first time in a long time.”

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