Get a strong, lean and sculpted body in just 3 weeks with 21 Day Pilates Body

21 Day Pilates Body can transform your body to a leaner, sexier & more toned version of you, ON DEMAND.

Look fantastic and feel amazing….and all for less than a few visits to a pilates studio.

We’re not all catwalk or bikini supermodels, but with 21 Day Pilates Body you will learn their trade secrets to getting a firm, lifted butt and getting that long and lean Pilates Body.

International Power Pilates instructor Jessica Guevara has trained people all over the world to reach their peak physical condition and be in the best shape of their lives! Now she has brought her master training skills to Varlah so you can discover your true potential and transform your body in just 21 days!

Jessica’s years of experience in Pilates, Barre, HIIT Training, Fitness and Health Coaching have taught her that no matter what your fitness interests are, by working smarter with a low impact, results-driven program that is fun yet challenging, you can achieve amazing transformation in optimal time.

Jessica merges elements of Pilates, cardio and strength training as she guides you through each 45 minute class to teach you how to achieve your personal goals using just your body, some light weights or a resistance band.

Here’s what you get

  • Unlimited access to stream your daily Pilates Body workout videos
  • 21 Day Pilates Body nutrition guide and meal plan to help you shred and shape
  • Jessica’s own Pilates Body nutrition secrets and favorite recipes that keep her and her Beverly Hills clientele in top shape
  • 21 Day Pilates Body progress chart to keep you accountable
  • Daily support from Athletic Pilates Master Trainer, Jessica Guevara
  • Access to health experts, dieticians and fellow 21 Day Pilates Body members to help you stay informed, educated, motivated and on track

Equipment needed

  • Set of two light dumbbells: 1-3kg
  • 1 short, looped resistance band
  • 1 long exercise resistance band
  • Internet enabled device

Meet the Trainer

LA-based Power Pilates and Fitness Specialist, Jessica Guevara, discovered Pilates after chronic back and knee injuries and scoliosis left her restricted in her movement and unable to train herself and others.

She is classically and contemporary trained in Pilates, specialising in low impact and high energy Power Pilates designed to get results.

Additionally, Jessica has years of experience with pre/post natal, seniors, athletes, scoliosis and rehabilitating clients with back issues, knee, shoulder and hip injuries.

Her experience also spans Personal Training, Health Coaching and Raw Food Cheffing and now Jess has condensed her years of experience and trade secrets from training the Hollywood elite into the 21 Day Pilates Body program so people of all levels of fitness across the globe can now benefit from her workouts.

Tone and shape your lean and strong Pilates Body with Unlimited Access to 21 Day Pilates Body

Workout Anytime, Anywhere, From Any Device.

Get Unlimited Access to the 21 Day Athletic Pilates Video Workouts to follow in the comfort of your own home.

International Pilates Specialist Jessica Guevara motivates you through each workout, offering clear modifications for all levels of fitness – suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Regardless of your fitness levels and capabilities, these workouts will challenge you and get you results in only 21 days!

No expensive Pilates studios or gym memberships. Stream your daily workouts from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level, 21 Day Athletic Pilates has been designed for you to shape and tone your body and achieve true core strength – from the comfort and privacy of your own home. No more sitting around and waiting for class timetables to match your busy lifestyle. You choose where and when you want to exercise!

21 Day Pilates Body Workouts

Create the best version of you with these full body toning, fat blasting and body sculpting body weight and weights-based workouts that will create your pilates body in just 21 days.

The 21 Day Pilates Body transformation program includes a variety of full body, upper body, lower body and core workouts using simply your own bodyweight, a resistance band and mini band and a set of light dumbbells (1-3kgs).

You will sculpt, stretch and tone your body from top to toe with the guidance of leading International Pilates Specialist, Jessica Guevara.

Pilates Hips & Glutes

This lower body toning and shaping workout incorporates a variety of high energy standing and floor glute and leg exercises that will leave you with the perkiest pilates booty and lean legs you could ever imagine.

Pilates Upper Body & Cardio

Get that mop and bucket ready! This high intensity upper body and cardio circuit workout combines weighted upper body exercises with innovative power pilates HIIT training methods, compound exercises and plyometrics to tighten, shape and lean and sculpt your pilates body.

Pilates Core Cardio

The best core cardio workout you will ever do. This workout uses a mix of traditional and new Pilates exercises to help you reshape your body with intense but low impact exercises designed to change your shape, challenge your fitness and push you to the limits.

Full Body Tone & Sweat

You will burn lots of calories and blast body fat in this hybrid high energy workout that combines full body resistance training with some athletic pilates and cardio bursts. A set of light dumbbells, a resistance band and your bodyweight is all you need for this workout.

Pilates HIIT

This workout is a body blasting and calorie torching one that will have you with not an ounce of fuel left in the tank. This one will have you pushing every last high intensity rep and set that will challenge you and get you results fast!

Mobility & Activation

Recovery is equally as important as training. This workout will have you stretching and doing traditional pilates mobility exercises to help you recover faster and ultimately improve your power and performance.

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